How we built a textile marketplace

Head behind the scenes to see how we built a textile marketplace and launched Circular Sourcing for Australia’s best mills, manufacturers and brands. Over the past 11 months we collaborated with local industry to bring you Australia’s first marketplace for surplus textiles.

From conducting our first survey, to calculating how much surplus exists around the country, countless hours of research, connecting with local mills and designers & working with the incredible development team from Good Egg Collective – building this platform has only highlighted the need for collaboration to grow towards a more circular economy here in Australia. Join us to see how we built a textile marketplace from start to finish!

Fabric swatches
Visiting MTK’s warehouse to view surplus fabrics. Where the idea for Circular Sourcing Marketplace was born.
Fabric Sculpture. Surplus fabric in warehouse.
Behind the scenes creating surplus fabric sculptures for the marketplace website. Founder, Courtney Holm, viewing surplus fabric at a local knitting mill.
Surplus knitting yarn
Surplus yarn ready to be knitted in Victoria, Australia.
Measuring & photographing surplus fabrics
Getting the first marketplace listings ready with a seller, measuring surplus fabric. Photographing fabrics with our project collaborators for the website.
Meeting with marketplace sellers in fabric warehouse
Visiting and onboarding sellers ahead of the marketplace launch to create their shop profile.
Photographing draped fabrics.
Meeting with project stakeholders to receive + discuss website feedback. Draping and shooting surplus fabric with the A.BCH team for the website home page.
Surplus fabric rolls in a warehouse
A visit to a local seller, viewing their surplus fabric rolls for the marketplace.

We have many collaborators who made this possible that we’d like to thank.

Sustainability Victoria’s Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre. This wouldn’t have gone ahead with your support!

Project Partners: Lily Clatworthy from A.BCH, Meriel Chamberlin from Full Circle Fibres, Stephen Morris-Moody from MTK and Dewi Cooke from The Social Studio

Collaborators: Harvey / The Business Pickle, The Good Egg Collective, Vlad Savin Photography, Michelle Nace, Studio Hi Ho and Words for Things. Plus a special thanks to Peter Allan from Sustainable Resource Use.

Thank you to our launch sellers for being a part of this marketplace from the very beginning; Full Circle Fibres, Jillian Boustred, LLC Reuse, ANTO fabrics, A.BCH, Harlow, Melbourne Textile Knitting, The Social Studio, Amela by Melanie Grace. Thanks for getting the vision and jumping on board so quickly.

A big thank you to ALL our survey responders and user testers. You have given us incredible insights and we’d love to share all our findings with you soon. Keep an eye out on your emails for an invitation shortly.

Finally, thank you to our founder Courtney Holm, for leading this fundamental project with brilliant tenacity. Her constant commitment to the future of circularity here in Australia & beyond is inspiring.

Start Sourcing here.

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