Recycling Takeback

What if the fabrics you purchased were recyclable? And what if those recyclable fabrics also came with a fabric recycling take back program?

Imagine it. You purchase a beautiful fabric for a new style, painstakingly plot the patterns for minimal wastage and cut your pieces precisely and perfectly only to be left with small and odd shaped offcuts that can’t really be used for much. Imagine a product stewardship that went so deep that you could pack up those offcuts and return them to the manufacturer. Welcome to actual circular sourcing.

Bags of offcuts for textile recycling. Recyclable fabrics and recycling take back program by Circular Sourcing.
Bags of offcuts for textile recycling. Recyclable fabrics and recycling take back program by Circular Sourcing.

How it Works

Due to their material makeup, some of the products listed on Circular Sourcing will be automatically eligible for our fabric recycling take back program. So once you purchase, cut and make from eligible fabrics, we’ll cover the cost of shipping to take back these special offcuts and then utilise them in fibre-to-fibre recycling for new future fabrics (soooooo circular). To take advantage of this service you must be manufacturing within Australia and be able to keep eligible fabrics seperate/sorted from non-eligible fabrics. You’re welcome!

If you are searching for recyclable fabrics that actually get recycled, then discover our Recyclable Fabrics range. We vet these materials and ensure they are safe for mechanical recycling before combining them with other offcuts of the same colour and fibre. Our Fabric Recycling Take Back Program is innovative, and is the first of its kind in Australia.

Why it’s Circular

Circular Sourcing is a platform for finding premium quality surplus textiles from Australia’s best mills, wholesalers and designer labels. Explore deadstock fabrics, organic cotton, natural fibres, jersey and stretch fabrics and Australian milled fabrics all in one place.

We’re making fashion circular by offering surplus fabrics and designer surplus for micro, small and medium size businesses to access and invent with. Using creativity and available resources, Australian designers are cleverly reimagining textiles into new creations rather than allowing them to go to waste. You can support local businesses and sellers who are selling Recyclable Fabrics in Australia today. Circular Sourcing is an initiative by A.BCH and supported by Sustainability Victoria.

Shop eligible Recyclable Fabrics here, with more to come!

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Turn your surplus into revenue and join the circular textiles economy.

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